A Plan for a Survival Feat in the Wilderness

Brad and Sean are going to walk into the bush with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a knife to attempt to survive for thirty days. They are not bringing a tent, sleeping bag, pots or pans or a lighter. Anything they need they will have to make with whatever they can find.

They will be leaving the last week in September or first week of October and will be going to Northern Manitoba where the weather can be very unpredictable. It could snow or rain for weeks straight. The possibility of a bear attacks is something they have discussed numerous times and will need to figure out a game plan. Some of the things the will have to overcome are: Being cold and wet with no change of clothes, starting a fire in any conditions, dealing with hunger and thirst, fear of the unknown, personal injury, animal attacks, personal conflicts between 2 people stuck with each other for 30 days,

Neither of them have any survival training, the only thing they have is a love for the outdoors. They have a few months to prepare. They will need to learn many skills if they want to make it. Somehow they will need to find shelter, make a fire with no lighter or matches and cook without pots or pans. They will not bring any food or water, so finding food and water will be a high priority. If they want to hunt they will only have a knife to make their weapons. Water is a big issue because you can’t just drink lake water. If you would, you would get very sick, so all water has to be boiled, but they will have no pot to boil it in. A person can last about 3 days without water and about 3 weeks without food so 30 days will prove they have learned enough to succeed or not. If not, then they will have to either admit defeat or die.

As Brad and Sean learn new skills they will videotape what they have learned and post them on this site, that way you as viewers can learn as they learn without having to do all the research they will have to do. The real question is weather the skills they have learned prior to going will be enough to fend off all the problems mother nature will throw at them during there stay in the bush. Neither of them have ever done anything like this before, nor will they do a trial run without gear prior to going. They will go out a few times with gear and try to hone some of the skills they will require when they go out with nothing.

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