Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Tips and Tricks for Wilderness Survival

A small Survival Handbook

In the following pages we will show you tips and tricks for surviving in the wilderness.

Some of these techniques will be used by Brad and Sean on their trip this Fall.

Pages in the Survival Handbook

General tips and tricks
Here we give generel advice, tips and tricks on how to survive in the wilderness
Hunting Tools
On these pages we will explain how to make some of the hunting tools and weapons needed for survival in the wilderness
Fire and Shelter
The following pages will give you some advice on how to make fire or create a shelter in the wilderness
First Aid and Health
How to perform first aid treatment and to maintain your health for survival in the bush
Wilderness Survival Food
On the following pages Brad and Sean list some of the edible things that can be found in Manitoba's Wilderness
Sean and Brad provide you with recipes for game such as ducks.
Survival Lexicon
Survival Lexicon, Everything you should know about Survival at the wilderness

The Sections

General Tips and Tricks for wilderness survival
Tips and Tricks
Hunting tools and weapons for wilderness survival
Hunting Tools
Making fire and shelters in the wilderness
Fire and Shelter
First Aid and Health for survival in the Wilderness
First Aid & Health
Emergency Survival Food
Survival Food
Bare Wilderness Recipes
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