Sean Diamond,  a Born Warrior

Sean Diamond a member of the Bare Wilderness Team
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Sean was born in Toronto Ontario and now resides in southern Manitoba. He is a taper and painter by trade and has successfully run his own business for about eight years. Currently he has one employee, but for the most part Sean has single handedly run his business.

Sean has a passion for all outdoor activities including fishing and hunting. He loves to spend his summers with family enjoying the great outdoors. They look for new land to camp on for exciting adventures. In the winter he enjoys travelling north for great hunting and Sean has developed a liking for all styles of hunting. Not only does he enjoy the rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader; he also enjoys the classic bow and arrow hunt. He is an accomplished rifleman and bow hunter.

Unlike many Manitoban’s he doesn’t fear or hate our winters. In fact, he spent about 2 years in the Canadian arctic observing and being a part of the traditional Inuit lifestyle. This included whale and polar bear hunting. The people began to treat him as family as his southern lifestyle became a thing of the past. This is where he discovered sled dog racing, which he went on to continue in Manitoba.

Sean has been very involved in training dogs, as well as racing. His hard work paid off in the racing circuit with multiple top three finishes. He spends every spare moment prepping and training every dog so that he can get the most out of racing. He also enjoys training dogs for competitive bird hunting and has created a high ranking background for his dogs. Sean has competed in many trials around the area. He is well respected in each event. 

Although passionate about hunting in the outdoors, Sean has never attempted any length of time in the wild without supplies. This will be a new challenge. Not only does he need to be capable of hunting, he  also has to be resourceful in finding materials to craft weapons that he can use.

Sean has a positive mindset going into this task. His main goal for this adventure is to survive the thirty days. His main fear is not finding enough food to eat everyday. Sean is currently trying to learn primitive techniques which may be helpful in making tools and collecting food.

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