Primitive_ultra Light Backpacking, Make your own primitive weapons when ultra light backing
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wilderness-survival with ultra light backing

Primitive_ultra Light Backpacking
Ultra Light Backpacking
Brad &amp,. Sean are going to walk into the wilderness with nothing but a knife and what they are wearing. They not only expect to stay for 30 days, but they expect to live well. Using what nature can provide for them.

Primitive_ultra Light Backpacking
Ultra Light Backpacking
Lightweight backpacking, fastpacking, ultralight backpacking - whatever you call it - it gives you more freedom and comfort.
It also forced you to make everthing you need from scratch, including fire starting, building your own shelter, making hunting tools and fishing gear, and cooking utensils.

Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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Preview Movie

Brad and Sean have made a cool preview movie. You can download it here.
(right click and select 'save as')

View Sean and Brad's Preview to their Survival Feat
View the Bare Wilderness Preview

Or view the movie online here!

Making an A-Frame Shelter
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