Primitive Fire Starting, A survivor can start a fire without a lighter
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Fire can be made with primitive tools in the wild

Primitive Fire Starting
is a skill that neither Brad nor Sean have mastered. They cannot guarantee that there will be a fire which means their chance of survival will depend on how well they can teach themselves.

Primitive Fire Starting
Primitive-fire-starting will be a method used by both Brad and Sean in the creation of their fire. This along with finding edible plants, snaring, tracking and hunting will be essential, as will creating shelter, such as a-frame shelters or a leanto.
Fire is one of the basic essentials for our survival on this planet. Whether it be for warmth, cooking, light, or a sense of security, humans need fire. There are very few, if any, environments on the Earth where humans can survive (over the long term) without it.
In the days before we had matches, lighters, electricity, and various other means of providing ourselves with heat, cooking, and light, people had invented a myriad of ways to make fire. Some of these ways are outlined in this section of the website.

Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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Making an A-Frame Shelter
A-Frame Shelter
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