Wilderness_edible Plants, Edible Plants in the Wilderness
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Edible Plants for our Bare Wilderness Team

Wilderness_edible Plants
Although Brad and Sean would prefer to eat meat, spending 30 days in the wilderness they must find and collect edible plants to hold their hunger. They will need to be careful of dangerous and poisonous plants.

Wilderness_edible Plants
Edible Plants will provide a large part of their food needs. Especially if the do not have any luck snaring or hunting game. They will also be needing shelter and fire.
Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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Preview Movie

Brad and Sean have made a cool preview movie. You can download it here.
(right click and select 'save as')

View Sean and Brad's Preview to their Survival Feat
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Or view the movie online here!

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