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primitive hunting to survive the wilderness

Primitive Hunting
interests both Brad and Sean, this does not mean that they actually know what they will be doing. They will both have to teach each other what they know if they assume that there will be food for dinner to be cooked at a campfire.

Crazy Outdoor Survival, Brad and Sean will have only their knife and must use primitive-hunting methods if they intend to eat. In time they will be able to make hunting tools such as an Atlatl, rabbit sticks, snares and bow and arrow.
Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

Various topics relating to finding and killing animals for food in a primitive survival manner - in other words, without guns of manufactured tools with which to kill them.

The most popular hunting weapons during antiquity were the bow and the spear. During pre-history, prior to the invention of the bow, the most popular was arguably the atlatl; archaeological finds of atlatls have occurred on all continents except Antarctica. Today, however, the most popular primitive hunting weapons are Bow and Spear. Whatever the choice of arms, primitive-hunting weapons are used during special primitive weapon hunting seasons in many parts of the world.

Check out the survival facts to see what our team will be doing.

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