Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

First Aid treatment and maintaining your health

First Aid treatment and staying healthy

The pages below tell you how to perform simple first aid treatment and how to stay healthy in the bush.

Blister Care
An intact blister is safe from infection. Apply a padding material around the blister to relieve pressure and reduce friction. If the blister bursts, treat it as an open wound. Clean and dress it daily and pad around it. Leave large blisters intact.
Burns and Cuts
How to deal with burns and cuts in the wilderness for survival
Diarrhea is a common, debilitating ailment when in the wilderness, caused by a change of water and food, drinking contaminated water, eating spoiled food, becoming fatigued, and using dirty dishes.
Soap in the Bush
Staying clean is very important to stay healthy. Wash often with soap. If you don’t have soap, you can make it in the bush.
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