Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Hunting Tools and Weapons for Wilderness Survival

Hunting Tools and Weapons for the Wilderness

The pages below will explain how to make hunting tools and weapons for survival in the wilderness

The Atlatl predates the bow and arrow. The shaft is not a spear but considered a dart. It must be flexible in order to store energy. It is a very effective weapon against larger game like deer.
Survival Knife
There are a few things to watch for when purchasing a knife especially if you will be betting your survival on it. A lot of knives may be expensive but not necessarily good quality. They are hoping you will be uneducated and purchase on appearance alone.
Rabbit Stick
A rabbit stick is a primitive weapon for hunting small game. It is a curved stick about two and a half to three feet long. Because it is carved like a wing it is much easer to throw a long distance than a regular stick. Its shape causes it to almost float on the air.
Survival glue
Survival glue can come in handy for attaching feathers to arrows or setting arrowheads. Simple but strong glue can be made from pine sap and deer dung. The two ingredience are heated using a tin or a hot rock.

Some Highlights

The Atlatl is a powerful hunting tool and weapon
The Atlatl
Choose the correct survival knife
Choose a knife
The Rabbit Stick is weapon for hunting small game
Rabbit Stick
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