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Some Recipes by the Bare Wilderness Team

Bare Wilderness Recipes

Sean and Brad provide you with recipes for game such as ducks.

There are many recipes for the tail as well as the whole animal. A sure sign a beaver is living in the area is a beaver dam. As shown in the bottom picture.
The duck is a tasty food source. It is a little more difficult to catch without the use of firearms.
Your best is is to shoot one. If you do not have a firearm, an Atlatl, or slingshot or sling are your best bet for catching one. I would not recommend trying to drown one like I explained in the duck page.
The grouse can be shot with a firearm, slingshot, Atlatl, or a sling. You can also trap them using the trigger trap.
Soak the porcupine in a mixture of water (to cover) & vinegar in a large
The skunk is not the first thing on my list when I look for a food source but it is eatable. Catching them is a little tricky, seeing as they will most likely spray you if you approach them.
The squirrel can be a great food source. It can be trapped, snared or shot. You need a few to get full but they can be plentiful and fairly easy to catch.

Some Highlights

Make a meal from a beaver
Recipe for BBQ Duck
Even skunks are edible
Squirrels make a good stew
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