The Bare Wilderness team will make bone tools
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Bone can be a good material for making tools if it is all you have.

Bone Tools
Bone from the rib of a larger animal can be used to make arrow heads or even fish hooks. The shoulder blade can be serrated with your knife to make a saw.

Bone Tools
Tools from bone can go a long way in helping you survive in the wilderness. Knowing how to make them is a very important part of bushcraft.
This on top of hunting and collecting your own meal and making fire under primitive conditions.
You can also use bone as an effective field-expedient edged weapon. First, you will need to select a suitable bone. The larger bones, such as the leg bone of a deer or another medium-sized animal, are best. Lay the bone upon another hard object. Shatter the bone by hitting it with a heavy object, such as a rock. From the pieces, select a suitable pointed splinter. You can further shape and sharpen this splinter by rubbing it on a rough-surfaced rock. If the piece is too small to handle, you can still use it by adding a handle to it. Select a suitable piece of hardwood for a handle and lash the bone splinter securely to it.

Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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