Woodsmen know how to build a-frame shelters
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Woodsmen know how to survive in the wild

Some leave civilization to run away from their pasts, some leave because the love the wilderness, and others go just to see if they can.
What type of woodsmen the two are will be proven when they come back. It will have been a big accomplishment if they only survive according to some experts.
They would like to survive in style though. Building shelters, hunting and snaring game, making fire, fishing and finding edible plants.

The respect gained for our unknown ancestors in the acquisition of these skills can be an important part of Bushcraft. With regards to respect and understanding, one thread of Bushcraft is also concerned with respect and understanding of the natural world, its flora and fauna and the way these elements interact.
Woodsmen are stereotypically nature-wise persons who hunt for their food and live simply. They are often portrayed as male, bearded, knowledgeable about plants and animals, and possessing highly developed tracking and survival skills. Characterized by their log cabin homes, woodsmen are also sometimes stereotyped as old fashioned, possibly eccentric.

Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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Brad and Sean have made a cool preview movie. You can download it here.
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