Primitive_fire_char Cloth, char cloth makes starting fires easier
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char cloth can be used to start fires in the wilderness

Primitive_fire_char Cloth
The material to be charred is placed in a tin with a small hole on top. It is placed in the fire. A small trickle of smoke will come out of the tin as the material is being charred. Once the material has changed into char cloth the tin will stop smoking. Do not open the tin until it has cooled or the material may star to burn when it gets oxygen.
Char Cloth is one of the best tenders you can use for starting a fire using a spark used for firelighting for thousands of years.

Primitive_fire_char Cloth
Char cloth is cloth ( linen or cotton ) that has been combusted in the absence of oxygen. It is easily ignited by even the weakest of sparks.

It has been used as tinder, often in conjunction with flint and steel, for firelighting for thousands of years.

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