snaring in the Bush, Any small animal can be snared
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Catch small game by snaring it

They will not have snare wire to snare so they will be using natural materials for snares like pine roots ore making cordage from natural plants.

Snaring small game for the pot has been done in northern Manitoba for thousands of years. They will have to learn this part of bushcraft to be able to feed themselves.

Catching animals in a snare of course is not all. The game has to be skinned afterwards and prepared for eating. That is where the cooking skills of the hunter come to play. So keep in mind when snaring that you will have to prepare a meal from the results.

The Hunting and snaring skills that I cover on these pages are very different from what most people might be thinking. There are no spring steel bear traps or scoped hunting rifles discussed here. All of the tips and tricks involve primitive weapons and snares. This started as a page, but ended up as a web in and of itself. Primitive hunting tools are often the most effective. One could spend a lot of time building a bow and some arrows, but unless your arrows are masterfully crafted, they will fly everywhere EXCEPT where you intend them to go. Even a modern bow with modern arrows requires a modicum of skill and a lot of practice to be an effective hunting weapon. The tools shown on this website do not require any master craftsman skill sets to fabricate, and they are relatively easy to use.

Hunting small game will be essential to keep our team fead on their trip.

Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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