Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Making soap in the Bush for survival in the Wilderness

Making soap in the Bush

Staying clean is very important to stay healthy. Wash often with soap. If you don’t have soap, you can make it in the bush. It can be made from animal fat and wood ash.

To make soap, extract the grease from an animal by cutting the fat from the animal into small pieces and cooking them in a pot. Add enough water to keep the fat from sticking to the pot. Cook the fat slowly and stir often. After the fat is rendered, pour fat into a container to harden.

Mix wood ash and water and pour the liquid through a t-shirt. The liquid that runs through the t-shirt is a lye solution. In a pot mix two parts grease and one part lye. Boil liquid over a fire until it thickens. Remove the liquid from the fire and let harden. Cut into bars of soap for latter use. If you would like to make the soap anti-bacterial, add the liquid from boiling pine needles.

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