Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Bush blister care for survival in the Wilderness

Bush blister care

If you get a small blister, do not open it. An intact blister is safe from infection. Apply a padding material around the blister to relieve pressure and reduce friction. If the blister bursts, treat it as an open wound. Clean and dress it daily and pad around it. Leave large blisters intact. To avoid having the blister burst or tear under pressure and cause a painful and open sore, take a sterile needle and thread and run the needle through the blister.

Leave the thread hanging out both sides of the blister. The thread will wick out the puss from inside the blister as well as keep the hole as small as possible to reduce the chance of infection. The thread will not allow the hole to close allowing the blister to drain whenever necessary. After the blister has been drained, leave thread in blister and cover with bandage to reduce chance of further irritation.

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