Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Use a Rabbit Stick to hunt small game

Rabbit Stick

A rabbit stick is a primitive weapon for hunting small game. It is a curved stick about two and a half to three feet long. The stick is carved flat like a wing. The front and back edge are sharpened to create a wing like weapon. Because it is carved like a wing it is much easer to throw a long distance than a regular stick. Its shape causes it to almost float on the air. It is normally thrown side arm and spun like a Frisbee.

I talked to an older gentleman a few weeks ago and he was known for walking into the bush and carving a rabbit stick and actually getting a rabbit to eat. He said it was a very effective weapon against small game. Because it is almost three feet wide you don’t need to be very accurate with it. Anything in its three foot wide path will get knocked down. It works well with grouse, rabbits, and squirrels.

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A Rabbit Stick is a supperb hunting tool for small game
A Rabbit Stick
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