Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

What is survival? definition and explaining survive

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Survival is not just about knowing how to survive, it is about practice. Survival incoorperates many different aspects. You must [be prepared] for anything and everything that life throws at you. You need to know how to find water and food, how to camp, make tools, run, walk, climb, swim, etc.

To accomplish these effectively you must be healthy and fit. Survival is not just about knowing how to survive you won't survive if your not fit. You must have all heard of Survival of the fittest, natures law, natural selection, etc. You must be able to maintain morale at all times. Mental attitude is just as important as physical endurance and knowledge.

Survival skills are skills that may help everyone to survive dangerous situations (such as storms or earthquakes), or in dangerous places (such as the desert, the mountains, and the jungle). Useful skills include lighting a fire, finding shelter, making water safe to drink, finding and identifying food, treating injuries, and climbing, swimming, and using specific or makeshift tools.

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