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How to build an A-Frame Shelter

A-Frame Shelter

The A- Frame shelter is a great form of shelter. Start by supporting a center beam. Then branches are leaned up against the beam to form the roof. Once you have a good solid frame, then you can start to cover it with grass, leaves or spruce branches. Always start with your roofing material at the bottom, and then work your way up.

This creates a shingle effect, thus shedding rain and snow. If you are using branches, always have the thickest part of the branch facing up so the rain will follow the branched down. In general, the grass roof will stay dryer than the roof made from branches because it is denser and there are more fibers for the rain to follow down to the ground.

If you need to heat your shelter, build a small fire approximately one pace from the front opening. Behind the fire build a reflector wall. This is a short wall which will reflect the heat from the fire back into the shelter. If built properly, this shelter will keep you warm and dry.

Whenever you build a fire near your shelter, remember that natural materials are flammable. Use utmost precaution.

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A-Frame Shelter
An A-Frame Shelter
Protection against the Environment
Protection against the environment
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