Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Encounters with Black Bears

Black bear encounters

Black bears can be black or various shades of brown or even blond.

If you encounter a black bear it will either react in an offensive manner or a defensive manner.

If it reacts in an offensive manner move aside and give the bear the right of way. If it follows you, drop your pack or any food you may have and move away, if it continues to follow you, make yourself look as big as possible, by raising your jacket and make lots of noise. If this does not discourage the bear, get your knife or a stick or a rock, you may need to fight for your life.

If the bear reacts defensively like swatting its paws on the ground or exhaling loudly or jaw-popping it is most likely a bluff even if it charges it will probably stop short.

If the bear does attack, drop to the ground on your stomach and lock your hands over your neck to protect your vitals. If it rolls you over, roll back onto your stomach. It will most likely lose interest and leave. Do not get up or cry out until you are certain it is gone or it may return.

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Black Bear Encounters
Black Bear
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