Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

How to make a bowl in the Wilderness

Burning a bowl

A bowl to eat out of or cook in can be made by burning a hollow in a log.

Choose a log without cracks in it. Build a fire on the log. As the fire burns add more wood until you have a nice pile of embers. Using a straw or a hollow reed, you can bow at the base of the fire and direct the heat to specific areas.

As the wood chars, scrape the charred area off and continue burning. If the bowl starts to burn to close to the edge of the log you can wet the wood in that area to control where you want the edge of the bowl to be.

When the bowl is the shape you want it to be extinguish the fire and embers and scrape the bowl clean. The bowl can then be treated with animal fat to keep it from drying out.

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