Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

The Survival kit for the Wilderness

Survival kit

The basic survival kit is of utmost importance if you do any hiking, camping, hunting or fishing. It may seem unimportant if you are just going for a hike, but you could get lost and those few ounces of weigh could keep you alive and even comfortable until help arrives.

Survival kit:

  1. Water purifying system- I prefer the Pristine system. It is two liquids you mix and add to you water. It kills almost everything in the water and actually improves the taste of the water. It is small and one package treats a lot of water
  2. Rope or String- I like to carry about 100 feet of a light, strong string. It can be used as fishing line as well as it can be used for basic camp needs like building a shelter
  3. Snare Wire- One small roll is useful for snaring small game as well as basic camp needs.
  4. Knife- I use a Swiss Army Knife. It has a lot of basic tools you may require.
  5. Lighter- I carry a small lighter. Keep it warm and dry. If you get lost in the cold and it wont light, hold it in your arm pit to warm it up. If you are lost and it is cold make fire your first priority. If you wait to long your lighter may not work as well as your fingers will start to get stiff and you will not be able to operate it properly.
  6. First Aid Kit.-Very small basic one for cuts and infections
  7. Container of some sort- use it to carry your kit as well as collect water and cook in
  8. Fish hooks- Can bait with worms or grass hoppers etc.
  9. Compass- Always be fermilulare with where you are going and the basic direction you will be traveling that way you can return the opposite way to return.

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Contents of the Bare Wilderness Survival Kit
survival kit contents
Bare Wilderness survival kit
survival kit
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